(Please be sure and share this information with your labor coach.) You will be going to the hospital for labor and delivery in two situations:

1. RUPTURE OF MEMBRANES (breaking the bag of water) - Some women will have a rupture of the membranes before labor begins. If you feel your membranes have ruptured, you should go to the labor room for a rupture of membranes evaluation and testing. GO WHEN THE MEMBRANES RUPTURE. Do not wait at home for the contractions to start. Please note the color of the fluid and time of rupture.

2. LABOR - If you are an experienced mother, go to the labor room when you feel that your labor has started. Experienced mothers are almost always correct about the onset of their labor.

If this is your first pregnancy, detecting the onset of true labor is more difficult. We recommend that you wait at home until you are having hard contractions that are as close together as every five (5) minutes and that have gone on for at least two (2) hours. It is important to understand that during a hard contraction, you do not feel like talking or walking. Go to the labor room for labor evaluation after you have had hard contractions, as close together as every five (5) minutes for two hours.

3. BLEEDING - Other than blood-tinged mucus.

Special Note:
It is not necessary to call the doctor or hospital before going in for a labor or ruptured membranes check. The phone call is not helpful because we cannot diagnose ruptured membranes or labor over the phone and we will be only able to repeat the above instructions to go the labor room for evaluation. We will be notified by the labor room RN after she has completed her evaluation. She cannot admit you to the hospital nor send you home without first calling us.

Please do feel free to call us for other serious matters or complications, even at night.

LABOR AND DELIVERY: 562-933-2711

REMINDER: If you have other children, their immunization cards will need to be presented to visit the hospital.
Should you have any questions, please call our office at 562-595-1961.